ALL STAR 2019 Information and Applications

Welcome to the 2019 All Star Program at Cape Coral American Little L

Eligibility:  Baseball Players whose age is from league age 8 to 13 yrs old AND who have participated in 60% of the regular season games are eligible to have their name on the All-Star team ballot for the team(s) based on League age.

COMMITMENT:  In order to be eligible, all players must also be available during the entire practice schedule, as well as tournament games! There are NO exceptions.  Practices could be up to 2-3 hours per day, 6 days per week, at the pleasure of the manager.  Practices begin on or about June 1st.  Games will begin between mid-June and early July.  Players should assume commitment is needed from June 1st through July 15th. Teams that advance can play through July and possibly later.  The game schedule will be established by District 9 in early June. The expectation is that every player will attend each game and practice.

NOTE: If a child gets selected to a team and the parent/guardian decides to remove the child from All-Stars for any reason, once uniforms are ordered, the parent/guardian will forfeit the registration fee of $125.
** Fee only due if player is selected to an All Star Program not at time of registration **

Parent/Guardian Responsibility: The All-Star Tournament team is a separate opportunity for players to continue playing baseball after the regular Little League season is completed. The registration fee for All-Stars is $125.  This fee covers the costs of a team registration fee, insurance, full uniform, all-star books, and pins.  Parents/Guardians are responsible for any and all additional expenses incurred, which may include personal equipment, additional uniform elements, photos, team party, etc. Parents/Guardians are responsible for all transportation to and from team practices and games.  Some mileage and lodging reimbursement for Regional play and above will be provided.  Parents/Guardians will be responsible for choosing correct uniform sizes. 

Tournament Team Playing Time and Positions: Tournament rules are different than the Cape Coral American LL regular season. For example: tournament play based on 12 players on a team, the minimum play rule is: Every player on the team roster shall participate in each game for a minimum of six consecutive outs on defense and bat at least one time. Minimum play for teams of 13 players is one at bat per game. Playing time exceeding these minimums is not required.  This requirement does vary based on how many players are on a team, but please note the difference between all-stars and regular season requirements.  All-Star competition is extremely competitive.  Also, it is at the manager’s discretion as to what position the player is placed.  The manager must field the best team and thus a player may be placed in a position he/she usually does not play during regular season.

All Star online registration will be open from May 1st - May 11th 2019, this will be an online "Only" registration and teams will be announced June 1st. 

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8/9/10 All-Stars
Districts: 6/15/19 - 6/27/19
Sectionals (North Port, FL): 6/28/19 - 6/30/19
States (Dunedin, FL): 7/5/19 - 7/7/19
Tournament of Champions (Greenville, NC): 7/19/19 - 7/24/19

9/10/11 All-Stars
Districts: 6/15/19 - 7/4/19
Sectionals (North Port): 7/5/19 - 7/10/19
States (North Port): 7/12/19 - 7/14/19
Tournament of Champions (Greenville, NC): 7/26/19 - 7/31/19

10/11/12 All-Stars
Districts: 6/21/19 - 7/10/19
Sectionals (Bonita Springs): 7/12/19 - 7/15/19
States (Coral Springs): 7/19/19 - 7/22/19
Regional (Warner Robbins, GA): 8/1/19
 World Series: Williamsport, PA: August 2019

50/70 Intermediate
Districts: 6/15/19 - 6/27/19
Sectionals (Naples): 6/28/19 - 7/3/19
States (Braden River): 7/5/19 - 7/8/19
Regionals (Kernersville, NC): 7/18/19 - 7/25/19
World Series: Livermore, CA: August 2019

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